Cleaning the bull’s cum from his wife is one of the most powerful demonstrations of submission to his wife and her bull.  The more copious the cum, the more it’s driven into him just how inadequate he is.

Bull cleaning is humiliating enough for the cuck but it is especially powerful when it’s his own wife that presents the cudgel for his cleaning, fresh with his wife’s scent.

Small penis humiliation often plays a central role in a hotwife/cuckold relationship.  It is the core reason for her looking elsewhere for her pleasure.

Male Chastity play is often a part of the cuckold lifestyle.  Once that lock clicks shut it becomes crystal clear that his dick no longer has any part to play in their marriage.  He has other sexual functions and will have to derive his pleasure indirectly from his wife’s pleasure.  At some point, with lots of training and experience, he may be able to master and experience the anal orgasm.

Seeing that incredibly satisfied look on his wife’s face gives the cuckold enormous pleasure. 

For those couples who are deeply into cuckold humiliation, cuck’s cleaning of the bull always follows his cleaning of his wife.

Total humiliation is having the clean the bull after he ahs fucked your wife.  Cuckold into deep humiliation will savor the experience and relive it many times in his dreams.

The Hotwife’s Rule:   if so much as a drop of the bull’s cum leaks out of her and hits the sheet, cuckold cleans the bull as well as his wife.

Fresh bull’s cum, hot out of his balls. The cuckold has work to do.

A Cuckold humiliation trio:

Requiring the cuckold put he bull’s cock in his wife

Having the cuckold eat his wife while the bull fucks her

Cuckold’s wife presents the bull’s cock for cleaning.