Today’s posts illustrate sexual service.  It might take a while for M’Lady to get used to the idea that she can receive oral service wherever, whenever and however she wants it, but once she does … :-)))

White panty hose or black - vote for your favorite.

Home theaters can be so much more than a place to watch movies.

Afternoon delight! A sub with tongue endurance is much treasured.

Sometimes M’lady thinks you might need a little extra motivation.

Sometimes she will guide with a gentle touch.

Whether she uses her hands or her feet, you will know when you’re in the right spot.

When she wants your tongue and only your tongue she cuffs your hands behind your back to keep them out of the way.

A sure sign that you are in the right place is when she grabs a hank of your hair and holds you there.

Yes, that’s the spot.  Right there! Don’t STOP!!

Giving her service when, where and how she wants it.